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Join our Family - Showroom Manager

Join our Family - Showroom Manager

Stolen Stores.. who?

Progressive, collaborative and in pursuit of excellence - Stolen Stores (@stolen.stores) is the luxury online fashion platform already cornerstone to two emerging house brands, Stolen Studios and Onarin. Driven by an emphasis on balance between technology and artisanal craftsmanship, join our growing family on the mission to help people connect with their undiscovered originality.


Hmm.. sounds crazy. Shouldn’t I rather join the top fashion maisons or the luxury hotels instead?

Well, you can and we are absolutely powerless to stop you. But, if you are looking to go on an adventure with our small but feisty team (extremely close knit) from all walks of life with an absolute focus on getting better everyday… growth awaits. By the way, our pieces don’t look that bad when placed next to the big brands too right?

As we often hear, fortune favors the bold


Alright, I got this far. What am I supposed to be doing?

The Stolen Experience- your mission, should you accept, is to be the biggest advocate for our customers. Whether its to help choose their next outfit for their red carpet event, solving their return issues or just being a friend, you will be their guide and partner in their Stolen Stores journey to discover the best of our designs - for them.


As the Showroom Manager, you're not just leading a space; you're curating an experience.

  • Curate & Direct: Shape and maintain the visual and experiential identity of our showroom.
  • Lead with Heart: Guide, train, and inspire the showroom team to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.
  • Operational Excellence: Oversee daily operations, inventory management, and sales targets, ensuring the showroom runs seamlessly, scheduling.
  • Feedback Loop: Serve as the bridge between customers and our design and production teams. Your insights will drive our future collections and innovations.
  • Made-to-measure Services : Made-to-measure services are a key part of our brand where we run our own atelier.
  • CRM: Build and Maintain excellent relationships with our customers

    English and Chinese are definitely a plus.


    The possibilities are endless. We are small and tight knit, so expect to get your hands creatively dirty. You'll be central to the brand's pulse :)


    How do I know I fit?

    Well, let’s start with what we aren’t looking for:

  • no initiative
  • no teamwork
  • not driven to learn
  • You only want to sell
  • You think customer service is just a job
  • Doesn’t sound like you? We are looking for someone that is full of empathy, patience and attentive to all the needs of our customer. Show us you know what luxury is in every sense and most importantly - getting out of the comfort zone of “I’m only doing sales and CS”.. by now you probably figured we are a start-up and what that entails right?


    Is this a real job??

    Yes, we were looking for you since yesterday.

    Interested applicants please email us at or DM us on @stolen.stores


    P.S. Did we mention we are only hiring one? Worst-case, you’ll find out we try to do all the things we say and meet others who jumped ship from somewhere else and love being here.


    P.P.S. Find a way to tell us. A customer said, "I'm never buying from you again!". What fruit would you send them, and why?