First Glimpse :: 3 Carats Bustier Pink Meadow Exclusive

Pink Meadow. Fear not the coming snow. Set your Fall aglow.
Inspired by Mid-Autumn flower blooms in Northern Thailand and printed on Stolen Studio's selected fine, high-twist satin. First Glimpse Pink Meadow is hand-cut, hand-draped and hand-embellished with custom Swarovski Crystals. Set your Fall aglow during our limited "First Glimpse" Run.

First Glimpse - Limited 19 pieces only

  • Embellished with Swarovski Crystals 
  • A personalized Label with your name 
  • A running number on the label for your First Glimpse: 3 Carats Bustier (X/9)
  • $50 store credit for your next purchase at 
  • Stolen Studio’s exclusive 3 Carats Bustier in Pink Meadow.